Direct Marketing

You’ve got something to say, so let us get it out there. Directly.

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Direct Marketing is not just about “junk mail”. In fact, it covers any form of straight communication between business and customer. There are many tools that can be used to ensure your direct marketing personal message is aimed at the right market. Not all direct marketing tools will be suitable for your product or service and it is our task to plan and manage your direct marketing campaign, on time and within budget.

You’ve got something to say, so let us get it out there.

As an agent we have built strong relationships with many specialist media providers and our clients are always delighted with the savings that we can negotiate on their behalf through our buying power.

Data Order – Direct Marketing Licensed Lists

Many business owners are unaware of the strict legislation that surrounds direct marketing such as mailing and telemarketing lists. Help is at hand. All data provided is fully licensed and TPS/MPS checked for your convenience and peace of mind. Are you GDPR Compliant?

Telemarketing & Direct Mailing Marketing Activity

Business or consumer licensed data for a telemarketing campaign, selecting: for example

  • Geographical areas
  • Industry Sector
  • Turnover
  • No of employees
  • Named Contacts & Email where availalbe
  • Home Owners
  • Level of household income

We can also supply specialist data for targeted campaigns: for example

  • New businesses that have recently started
  • Change of Ownership
  • Landlords
  • Types of vehicles owned
  • What newspapers people read
  • What consumers do in their spare time

What is the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)?

TPS is a service that prohibits “Cold” or “Sales” calls being made to certain numbers and businesses. Clients must be aware of this as failure to comply can result in fines of up to £5000. We cleanse your database regularly, ensuring that leads contacted are not TPS registered and safe to call.

If you have an ongoing relationship with a company then TPS does not apply. However, you must not call them if they have asked you not to call again. The same rules apply even if they are not TPS registered.

MPS is the Mailing Preference Service and works in the same way.

Telemarketing – Straight Talking Communication

Route Marketing staff are not a telesales call centre; they are a marketing team that uses the phone as a vehicle for lead generation. This is telemarketing.

Since 2001, we have engaged in telemarketing to provide a long-term quality lead generation process, not a short-term “numbers game”. Telesales is working from A to Z, telemarketing is contacting A until he is ready to buy whilst putting B aside if they are going to waste your time.

The team provides our clients with opportunities to meet with potential prospects or obtain the final sale over the phone and act as though we are where you are based.

Based in Kent and London, we work for clients across the UK and are adept at understanding your local regions.

Our account managers only work with clients who want to be provided quality telemarketing appointments and referrals and who are committed to maximising their lead generation and sales potential.

As standard: GDPR Compliant Practices between both parties – You the Data Controller and Us the Processor

Both Controller and Processor must meet their Article 28 obligations

Which responsibilities and liabilities do controllers have when using a processor?
Controllers must only use processors that can give sufficient guarantees they will implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure their processing will meet GDPR requirements and protect data subjects’ rights. Controllers are primarily responsible for overall compliance with the GDPR, and for demonstrating that compliance. If this isn’t achieved, they may be liable to pay damages in legal proceedings or be subject to fines or other penalties or corrective measures.

What responsibilities and liabilities do processors have in their own right?

In addition to its contractual obligations to the controller, a processor has some direct responsibilities under the GDPR. If a processor fails to meet its obligations, or acts outside or against the controller’s instructions, it may be liable to pay damages in legal proceedings or be subject to fines or other penalties or corrective measures.

A processor may not engage a sub-processor’s services without the controller’s prior specific or general written authorisation. If authorisation is given, the processor must put in place a contract with the sub-processor. The terms of the contract that relate to Article 28(3) must offer an equivalent level of protection for the personal data as those in the contract between the controller and processor. Processors remain liable to the controller for the compliance of any sub-processors they engage.

We also provide the following as part of our contract:

  • Detailed monthly activity reports
  • Professional copywritten sales letters and e-mails
  • Managed appointment diary
  • Regular contact
  • Personal Service with Telemarketing Executives working on your account

Have you updated your records with the correct Lawful Basis of processing personal data?

In order to begin your campaign we must discuss what industries and data to contact and consider if your company branding is portraying the correct image? Both these points will play a massive part in the success of your campaign. Is your website up to date? Have you a sales database or list you work from?

Please look at our Telemarketing FAQs section for further information or contact us.

Digital Marketing

Ok, this is a huge subject and one that gets most people pulling their hair out.

Love it or loath it?….. you will need some of it.

What we will do is use the right tools as you probably won’t need all of them. The list is way too long to add here but includes things like Email Marketing, Social Media, Corporate Videos, Interactive Ads, Blogs & Forums.

What we won’t do is add content of the cheese sandwich you’re eating because quite frankly nobody cares unless you do in fact sell cheese sandwiches.

Direct Mailing

There are times when you just need to get your message in front of the right person. It is still one of the most effect direct marketing tools if done properly and meets with compliance.

We provide the data, print, collate and include postage for less than the price of a 2nd class stamp.

We make the campaign easy and simple for our clients. We create the design and can even collate your replies through our mailing address and call answering services.

Inbound Contact Centre

Once your direct marketing campaign is under way, you may not have the time or man power to answer the incoming enquiries. We will provide a speedy response and not just take a message, but take it a step closer to try and secure the sale or arrange an appointment.

We can also mail any information to a prospect if needed and ensure their details are added to your dedicated database for future campaigns and further follow ups.

Field Marketing

High Street promotions where we act as your company, targeting the public with the right tools for the job. Using exhibition equipment, gifts and giveaways, door to door leafleting targeting specific areas or purely an awareness programme.


However big or small, let us take the hassle and expense out of organising your deliveries by collating your items and delivering them either to one central hub or to individual sites. Our fulfilment role includes:

  • Arrange voucher copies of all printed material
  • Store items until you are ready for them to be dispatched
  • Collate the correct amount of individual items for each site
  • Provide the appropriate packaging – branded options are also available
  • Deliver all parcels to the correct sites
  • Track delivery of parcels


As an agent, we take pride in our strong relationships with media partners. We negotiate rates on your behalf, maximise our overall buying power, handle the full booking, create the artwork and ensure best placement as possible.

We will plan your campaign and can place your message using the following mediums and services:

  • Advertisement Design
  • Press Release
  • Magazines & Specialist Publications
  • Radio & Script Concepts
  • Radio Campaign Schedules and Bookings

Outdoor Campaign

As an agent, we take pride in our strong relationships with media partners. We negotiate rates on your behalf, maximise our overall buying power, handle the full booking, create the artwork and ensure best placement as possible.

  • Campaign Planning
  • Outdoor Campaign Proposals
  • Creative design and prepared for production
  • Buses – UK and our own fleet in Thanet, Kent
  • Car Park & Bus Tickets
  • Bookings
  • Billboards
  • Bus Stops
  • Train Stations
  • Media

We can’t wait to hear all about your brilliant business and help you choose the right direction.