Telemarketing FAQs

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Telemarketing FAQ’s – Definitions

Lead – company or contact being called by Route Marketing Ltd.
Result – either; Appointment to meet with a lead or a Referral to speak directly with a lead regarding business that we have taken as far as possible or a Sale to obtain the final sale on your behalf.

How will I know who will be working on my account?

You will either be introduced in person, or on the phone, to every member of our company that will be working on your campaign. This is so that you will know what they are like. Normally only two Account Executives will work on your account. This means that you will know who is generating your results and allows our Executives the ability to create long term consistency in contacting leads on your campaign.

Why do you act as my company, giving out my contact details?

Think of us as an extension of your company, we do! It is important for leads to perceive us to be part of your business to gain credibility in what we are doing. Wherever you are based, we are “virtually” there with you and part of your team.

How do I know what you are saying on the phone?

All information we discuss with a lead is recorded (text not voice) on your database, giving a complete picture of all contact made with each lead. This is sent to you every month. As a professional company the team adhere to high standards of professionalism whilst acting on our client’s behalf. They have always been praised by our client’s for the perception of our staff by those people that they meet.

What happens if my Appointment does not happen?

We confirm all Appointments in writing with the date and details of your meeting with the lead, but should your meeting not happen for any reason, we will either re-book that Appointment for you or replace the Appointment as soon as possible. This is clearly shown on your invoices that they have been replaced.

Why do I need to supply or buy data?

In order to call a lead, a license needs to be obtained to do this; you cannot call leads from directories such as the Yellow Pages. It is important to source the correct data to ensure that not only does it adhere to Direct Marketing legislation but also meets the right criteria for your business.

Who owns the database that you create for me?

This database of leads is yours and yours alone. We are bound by data protection as well as professional integrity in only using leads generated on your account for solely your business. This database is yours to access or use at any time and we welcome interaction and involvement with leads that we have contacted.

Why do you need to send out information to leads?

Written information, be it in online or printed form, is still necessary to validate your company with the lead and show them that you are real, professional and the type of business that they would buy from. Think how many times you have bought from a company without seeing something written about them?

I have a list of leads but they are very old, can they still be used?

Absolutely, we can cleanse your list and ensure that they are not TPS registered and update each lead if decision maker(s) have changed or they have moved offices. As long as you are comfortable that they meet your criteria as potential clients then we can contact them. Ultimately a lead is just a company name and phone number and it is how we research and build a relationship that converts this lead into a result.

What is the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)?

TPS is a service that prohibits “Cold” or “Sales” calls being made to certain numbers and businesses. Clients must be aware of this as failure to comply can result in fines of up to £5000. We cleanse your database regularly, ensuring that leads contacted are not TPS registered and safe to call.

If you have an ongoing relationship with a company then TPS does not apply. However, you must not call them if they have asked you not to call again. The same rules apply even if they are not TPS registered.

Where do you source your data from?

As a Data House and agent, we ensure that the data that you purchase is as up to date as humanly possible. Select from different criteria; turnover, number of staff, geographic location, industry sectors for example.

I just want to trial the campaign on a small scale, can this be done?

Yes. We have found that over the last twenty years that to truly gauge the effectiveness of a campaign it must be worked over a minimum of 3 months, not only to generate immediate results but also to build up enough contact with leads to understand the campaigns effectiveness long term.

Why do you not guarantee a given level of results?

We have always generated results and potential business for our clients but as every client is different (in their expectations, aims and leads targeted) we will not guarantee any level of results. We will of course communicate with you our expected level of results and our targets with you in generating results.

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