Market Research

Let’s find out what’s really going on out there to maximise your potential.

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Who are your customers?

What do they buy?
How do they buy?
How large is the product portfolio?
How far will customers travel?
What is the average age in the local area?

Let’s find out what’s really going on out there to maximise your potential.


Face to face interviews
Telephone surveys
Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Competitions & Current Market

Before you begin to market your business, you may benefit from finding out what your potential customers really think. We may also need to research what your competitors are up to so that we can ensure your business has its own unique selling points.

What products or services do they offer?
What are their strengths and weaknesses?

We can arrange focus groups to establish feedback in a more controlled environment or you may simply need a carefully planned survey to analyse information on a particular project or subject.

Mystery Shopping

So, your up and running, the campaign is going well but you want to make sure your team is maximising each sales opportunity coming into your business. Mystery shopping is a perfect way to judge if your employees are handling customers in the way you want them to.

We can carry out telephone and face to face surveys depending on your industry and what would be most effective. The results are also a perfect way to create internal training programmes if needed.

We can’t wait to hear all about your brilliant business and help you choose the right direction.