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Consultancy – Business and Marketing Consultants

Firstly, by providing consultancy with our experienced Business and Marketing Consultants, we ensure our clients businesses have a solid foundation on which to grow. These are a set of vital tools for future development but you may not need all of them.  Furthermore, we must fully understand you, your business and just as important, where you want to be. Whether it’s an initial consultation or a long term business plan or business advice we will help you choose the right direction. If it is a new venture, we can help right from the start. Our customers utilise and benefit from our range of consultancy services, allowing us to work with them to provide bespoke solutions.

Giving you our knowledge and expertise when you need it most.

Not all businesses are the same

We do not provide off the shelf packages, as we understand that all businesses, business owners and department aims are different. We are the behind the scenes team that will market and provide support. This means you can concentrate on your business, customers and move in the right direction.

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to wade through all of that, (it’s not the most exciting read)  just give us a call.

Company Procedures & Processes – Speak to an adviser

From a basic 10-point action plan to a full in-house company procedure manual to streamline systems and maximise profits. Why? Because you can’t take on more if you are not ready. Our clients have also utilised this service for internal training and staff development.

Also perfect for creating the manuals for gaining ISO Accreditation which will reduce costs or ensuring your Management Systems are up to date when gaining new clients and applying for tenders. Sadly, the days of a good old handshake are virtually gone.

Sales & Marketing Training

Invest in your best asset – your team.

Perfect for one to one and small groups. On site or at our Business Centre, our bespoke programmes and workshops can provide basic marketing knowledge to get you going or enhance sales techniques. Bespoke packages are created to each individual and business. It can also be far easier to “blame” your business consultant for implementing change and eradicating bad habits for example.

Project Management

Managing a campaign? Creating your new image? An event that needs organising? A particular in-house task that needs completing with no spare man power?…and it’s only Monday! Relax, that is what we are here for. Just tell us what needs doing and what you are aiming to achieve.

Marketing Plan

Create short or long term marketing option plans, packed full of ideas to increase awareness and generate more business. Route Marketing Ltd can either implement the ideas as your marketing team, or you can carry out the suggestions or we can work as a team.

Business Advice & Planning

We will take an objective look from the outside in and within as little or as many sessions required we will provide practical advice to maximise revenue and potential. In addition, we can create a business plan that will provide business navigation ideas and structure.

Business & Product Launches

You have spent time and money creating your company or new product image. So now it’s time to maximise sales opportunities. Allow us to plan and manage or assist with any business launch or event.

Database Creation

Update an existing database or create a unique bespoke system to help your sales process to increase sales revenue potential and maximise marketing activity.

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Cash Flow

Preparing a working capital formula to aim for a healthy cash flow that is easy to use and will help with forward planning and checking current business viability.

It’s a great tool for home finances too.

Terms & Conditions

Firstly, between us, we set out the rules to make sure your business terms are in line with your operations and ensure that you do not fall foul of bad debtors for example. Secondly, we take advantage of our secure and long-term partnership with our legal experts to rubber stamp the new terms and conditions. They can also provide assistance in any areas of litigation.

When was the last time you reviewed your existing processes and contracts?

Would better contracts in place mean better clients for your business?

Are you sure that if your customers did not pay you would have a strong case should the matter proceed to court, for example?

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We can’t wait to hear all about your brilliant business and help you choose the right direction.